Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with mug rugs and mermaids

Let's not even talk about Christmas and being prepared for it.

So. Not.


Festive Mug Rug Exchange

Okay, so was this supposed to be festive? Because, um, mine isn't.

It does, however, have Mendocino Mermaids. Fussy-cut Mendocino Mermaids! And, let me tell you, using them was no easy decision!

Oh phone camera, why will you not get the colour balance right? (and now comes the angsty part: how to quilt the thing!) #festivemugrugswap #stormatsea #mendocinomermaids

The storm at sea is paper-pieced, cut down 50%. It makes the mug rug just a leetle bigger than the maximum size for a mug rug (6"x10", mine is 6.5"x10.5") but it was as good as I could do this way!

Binding is currently in progress:

WIP Wednesday projects

Honestly, if I wasn't so behind in this swap (it's supposed to be posted out by today, and I will be down to the wire) I'd make another mugrug and keep this one for myself!

eta DONE!

Storm under a teacup

Stepbro's Penny Patch

My Christmas prez for youngest stepbro J. All the other members of my family have been given quilts (even my Dad and stepmother), except J. So J is getting a quilt for Christmas.

Nice neutral colours. I added a strong red in there, to give it a bit more pop than the purple could provide. This set of fabric has been sitting around for years, and it's pretty much perfect for this pattern.

WIP Wednesday projects

The pattern instructions are from Stitched In Color's Penny Patch Quilt-Along 2013, which I missed out on doing due to...oh, everything.

It's actually rather easier than I thought it would be!

WIP Wednesday projects

Although still unfinished. That's the goal for this weekend - to finish the top, along with all the cards I have to send out.

Quilting to be done next week. Maybe. I need to call the shop and check they'll be open.

WIP Wednesday projects

ps. Design boards? AMAZEBALLS.


1. Pouches for cousins' children (oh Cousin N, why did you have to have 4 kids? Why?)
2. Bags for cousins.
3. Something for mum. (Even if it's only a sketch of the cushions she wants for her sitting space.)
4. work and writing gifts and making Christmas truffles and a test pavlova before Christmas Day...
5. Supernova Friendship Swap (Sandra? I'm really really really really really sorry...)

I have two parties tonight - a work party and a bible study party. I'll just poke my head into the work party, long enough to do the round, shake hands, and have a drink, and then I'll get on the bus to my bible study party, which I expect to be rather more fun. (I know, to most people that sounds the wrong way around, but it's really not!)

I will be posting a WIP Wednesday on Christmas Eve. And a retrospective on New Year's Eve. Probably.

However, if I don't see you again due to holidays, vacations, or snowed-in winter cable disconnections (northern hemisphere only), I wish you a Merry Christmas/Appropriate Seasonal Greeting Of Your Choice and a Happy New Year!



  1. I've never done a Storm at Sea block- your mug rug is too pretty to use :)


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