Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with free motion quilting!

So, last Friday/Saturday, I attended the HandiQuilter's Blessington Academy up in the Blue Mountains, took three classes, and two lectures with Angela Walters, and learned about the HQ Infinity 240 (or something like that; I don't remember the specifics of the machine).

First class with Angela Walters in 30 mins! 😍😍😍 #hqblessington Anyone else here?

It was VERY good, and I came back with a heap of new thoughts and experiences, as well as some new outlooks on my quilts and quilting them!

Many things





Came home from the Blessington Academy on Saturday afternoon, quilted it Saturday night, bound it last night. It goes in the post tonight (somewhat belated).

February Birthday Swap!


Many things

Completed the cover at the Blessington Academy on Friday afternoon and it goes in the post tonight.

Esme top

Too late for summer, of course.

Many things

And probably needs to be one or two sizes smaller in the body. I'm practically swimming in the fabric!

Oh, well, next summer...



First pictures!


Once I start sewing the pieces together, it comes together pretty fast. I can do a row or two per night and the top will be done in a couple of weeks. Which then means I have to get cracking on the quilting...


Must start thinking about that now.

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Another Rosette 7 done!

Another rosette of the #plainjanepassacaglia finished! Huzzah!

I think a Rosette 11 is up next...

To Do This Week

Set the blocks, lay it out, JUST DO IT.


April Birthday Swaps
Sew Together Bag? Drawstring Bag? Another Compact Shopping Bag? I'm on a Bag run right now.

Got fabric for the Aussie Tula Pink Swap. Need to work out what I'm actually doing with it... It shouldn't be that hard, right? RIGHT? *facepalm*


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