Saturday, July 2, 2016

Q2 Finish-Along: The Snowflake Quilt

So, I got a few things on my Q2 Finish Along list off the list - the first item and the last item!

1. The Snowflake Quilt

This is me standing in front of it as it hangs in the Sydney Quilt Show:

Quilt Show 2016

This was entered in the Open Amateur part of the show, and titled "The Promises Of Spring" with the blurb: Every winter's flake carries the promise of summer within it.

And for a slightly better image of the quilting:

Promises of Spring

Yes, I quilted it myself. The block was designed by Madame Parfait several years previously - the 'Rainbow Blossom' block, and I posted a tutorial for making the block back about three years ago, which I used to make these blocks. However, I've since had someone draft me a foundation paper piecing pattern, and as soon as I get back from my holidays, I'm going to turn it over to pattern testers and probably release it through Make Modern Magazine.

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  1. Wow, this is amazing! Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!

  2. This quilt is fantastic! I missed a couple or rows of quilts despite being there three days, and I missed seeing yours obviously. And I missed seeing you! Congrats on the finish.


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