Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Star Trek Discovery Shiloh Satchel

In spite of my struggles with the Shiloh Satchel, I've made four of the damn things.

1. Oh Deer! It's Gots Pockets! (#ohdearpockets)

#shilohsatchel It's Gotses Pocketses!

2. Mendocino Mermaid Satchel (#mermaidsatchel)
Finished Mermaids #shilohsatchel this afternoon before family dinner! #Saturdaynightcraftalong with @barefootcrafter

3. The Hulk Satchel (#hulksatchel)

and 4. The Disco Shiloh (#discoshiloh)

Blue Leather from Tandy Leather and Tula Pink True Colors fabric inside and out, with hardware from Pile o'Fabric and Studio Mio (or possibly Voodoo Rabbit - I'm really bad at remembering where I get specific items from).

Anyway, I have a love-hate relationship with leather; it's so pretty when you use it! But it's such a bother to sew!

The geeky side has a leather stitched logo, which I had to hand-stitch on, after pre-piercing the outline.


And the 'undercover' side has the sleeve-join detail from the Star Trek Discovery uniforms:


Although who's to say what's geeky and what's not these days, with Marvel movies in the box-office and Game of Thrones on the TV? Comic heroes, sci-fi, and fantasy are out in the open, even if they're not adopted by everyone.

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