Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with Tula Pink

Oh it's been such a fortnight! Life happened last week, and I didn't get around to doing a WIP Wednesday post.



I only realised this was due when I started seeing Instgrams about people posting theirs! So it was a rush job, over the weekend:

Tula Pink swap

Full post HERE!



Slowly moving - I'm a bit tired out by that Tula swap!

WIP Wednesday may

Birthday Swaps

Yeah, a mini quilt. Of more Tula. This time it's scraps and a bit of improv.

WIP Wednesday may

To Do This Week

1. Swarm
2. Birthday Swaps (before I get behind again!)


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  1. You have really lovely projects going! I love your sense of color and style!


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