Monday, June 26, 2017


Finish-a-long 2017 - 2nd Quarter success!

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This is the Summer Meadow quilt completed! I finished the top back in Q1 of 2017, and in my Q2 goals link indicated that I wanted it completed during this quarter - and I succeeded!

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, although I wish the quilting was better.

Finished and ready to rumble!! The #summermeadowquilt2016, block pattern by Lizzy House, layout, piecing and quilting by me.


It started with a class with Lizzy House, whose designs a few of my quilting friends ADORE. I didn't mind the fabrics, but I rather liked the quilt, and since she was only teaching it in person, I attended the day.

We got the pattern pieces, the instructions on how to put it together, and the suggestion that once we did the 'eyes' (the grey centre and the two petals either side of it), then completing the rest of the quilt was practically a foregone conclusion.

Of course, there were some small problems with the blocks, which were very frequently not!square.

Summer meadow

I ended up redrafting the pattern as per Quilts Of A Feather's Instructions For A Meadow Quilt Fix, but by then I'd already made most of the blocks.

Ah well, next time! They were flat enough to join together at any rate...

Summer meadow

There was some fun with switching pieces around so they were the right way up...

Summer meadow

And the original configuration was a 4x5 rectangular 'field' of flowers, but I decided to shake it up.

Summer meadow

I rather like the result!

Summer meadow

My impetus for completion ended up being the wedding of my cousin-in-law when he remarried this May. I never got to give him and my cousin a quilt before she died, but I did manage to give him and his new wife (a lovely woman) one. And my cousin is represented in the flower that isn't pieced, only quilted.

So, it's not the flattest quilt ever...but it's quilted! #summermeadowquilt2016

It's still not the flattest quilt ever, but it's not too terrible!

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  1. What an amazing finish!! I love the layout you have used and the quilting of the ghost flowers. Well done. Thanks for being part of the 2017FAL - from the FAL hosts!


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