Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday, credit card CPR, and time

1. Sanctuary Kaleidoscope

The fabric to complete the Sanctuary Kaleidoscope quilt has arrived and I'll be doing some more cutting of kaleidoscope pieces on...Sunday? I have some time first thing in the morning, midafternoon, or last thing at night.

Once it's cut, the arranging and sewing should start. When I'm going to have time for this, I don't know, but I'm beginning to think I should set, say 45 minutes down for quilting in the evenings, complete with timer to bing me out of the zen. From 9:30pm, perhaps, until 10:15pm?

2. Supernova Quilt-Along

sorting prints into blocks

Colours picked, arranged, and cut.

cut fabrics

Background fabrics cut. I calculated that I'd need (8) 3" by 5.5" strip and (8) 3" by 3" square for each block, which makes it (128) of each for a 16-block quilt.

Thankfully, I'm now working with yardage with a ~42" width instead of FQs - and I love my cutting template with the 0.5" slots for easy cutting of strips! One of the best quilting investments I've made of late!

background squares

background squares - natural light

I figure I'll leave the borders for the moment and perhaps deal with them later.

oh credit card, my credit card!

Right, so I bought 4 FQ Bundles from the Fat Quarter Shop. *coughs* At 20% off!

Three Kona Solid fat quarter bundles (Hot Spice, Flying People Eater, and Denim) and one lovely red and white/cream set that went by the name 'French [something]'. I came this close to buying a Kona FQB of Candy Corn (Sunshine Yellow!) and the pink FQB was just that luv-er-ley and pretteh, but I'm not a pink person most of the time and neither are my friends so it would not likely get used.

In addition to this FQB spree, I purchased four yards of Kona White Solids. The shipping nearly killed me and my credit card is still gasping. However, I got my bonus in March and it was very good and so the ccard will not be gasping for long.

I wonder if I can keep myself from buying anything else (other than the Kaufman Valley Of The Kings set that's due out in April-May which I am going to buy if I have to hock my house for it) for the rest of the year. I've bought much too much fabric this year, and I fear even 12 quilts are not going to use it up.

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  1. Oh, everything is looking so great! I can't wait to see your 16-block Supernova, I'm SO excited to see the design super-sized! : )

    Thanks for linking up, have a great week.


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