Thursday, March 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday (a few days late)

(Okay, so it's Thursday night, but it's been a really busy week and next week is worse!)

I finally have the layout working for the Sanctuary Quilt!
Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Lee!

Sanctuary: laying out

It's still a lot busier than I like, but the pattern is coming much clearer now. One thing I'll have to keep in mind when cutting and placing the rest of the blocks is that the darker and solid colours will become the visual anchors for the quilt, so I should use them very deliberately.

Also, I've run out of fabric, so I've had to order in some more yardage to complete it! These are all the wedges I cut laid out with some of the corners filled in - I'm thinking the final configuration will be at least 9 blocks by 9 blocks, which should be about 60"x60". I think I might make some borders for this, although I'm not sure exactly what, or whether I really want to go through another round of piecing.

That's unlikely to be finished before I head off to Europe in May, though!


I finally got my act together, picked my fabric and photographed them. The new phone is a little dodgy, so it's not a fantastic piece of photography:

I figured I'd use up some smallprint FQs I bought in a bundle aeons ago, as well as drag in a bunch of whites-on-creams that I have lying around. It should be a pretty, bright, classic quilt. Theoretically.

Now, the really tricky part will be actually quilting it before the deadline for the comp!

(And, crap-o-rama, I have to start working up my patterns for the Moda challenge thingy.)


  1. The Sanctuary quilt is looking FAB! I love it! I'm glad it's coming together a little better now. Sorry you missed the link-up, but have a good week.

  2. lve the colors you are going to use.. I will be watching to see yours come together.

  3. THAT IS GORGEOUS! Wow! I look forward to more of this one.


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