Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday: the one with 11 days to Eternity!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

WIP: Eleven Days To Eternity

So, we have a hard due date - the 18th November.

And there's been very little progress since last WIP Wednesday!

Eternity quilt: 1st 7 rows. 23 to go!

Time to put the pedal to the metal and the nose to the grindstone! I've laid out the next four-five rows, anyway:

Rows 7-11.

But I'm rapidly running out of space on the floor. There's just so much laying out and sewing and laying out and pinning and sewing and ironing!

Many seams to go!

There will be some MAJOR progress in the next week, I promise you!

And then I have to decide if I'm going to try to enter it in a Quilt Show or not. (It's not very 'technically executed'.)

Other Things

As to what I've been doing the last week instead of quilting?


I've always wanted to put one of my favourite female characters into a Mucha-esque style piece of graphic art. I just didn't expect it would be quite so much effort! But that's out of the way now and I don't have to think about it again.

Sydney Modern Quilt Guild


This Thursday, there's a meeting of the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild in the city. If you're in Sydney and available, it's always a pleasure to hang out!

The big century!

And last Wednesday I racked up my 100th follower in Steffi's Candy Quilts! I'm a little stunned, because while 100 followers is nothing compared to some of the mega-bloggers in quilting blogland, I can still remember (how that music used to make me smile) back when I had all of maybe five followers, some 18 months ago! I never imagined I'd have 100!

It's a pleasure to hear from you guys when you comment, and to trackback and read your blogs, and, yes, to know that people are interested in my projects and possibly gaining inspiration from them the way I've gained inspiration from those whose blogs I've been following for the last 18 months!

Thank you so much!

Don't forget to head out to the Linky Party at Freshly Pieced and comment on a few projects there!


  1. It is looking great so far. Congrats on reaching 100 followers - very exciting!

  2. I'm loving seeing the progress on the Eternity quilt!

    Congratulations on the 100 followers - very exciting!

  3. Looking forward to see the Eternity quilt as it look awesome already!

  4. Happy 100! Isn't if fun to make friends and share quiltey love with people from all over the world!

    Your Eternity is amazing! Don't get discouraged...keep calm and sew on!

  5. Happy 100!!!! love your color that you're working with. It looks very intense.

  6. wow, your Eternity quilt is going to be stunning! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday

  7. omg! that looks difficult!
    It's beautiful

  8. Looks like you're making progress on the quilt. Have you tried putting up a design wall instead? Something as simple as tablecloth - the vinyl ones with the fleecy/flannel on the back side - hung up on the wall (I used thumbtacks) with the flannel side out works surprisingly well.

  9. Congrats on 100 followers!! I may be 101 with that Eternity quilt. That is stunning! Good luck getting it done!

  10. Is there a pattern for the Eternity quilt? If so, where can it be purchased? Love your blog!

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