Friday, November 9, 2012

Joel Dewberry - Pristine Poppy

Just saw this over at in the new Joel Dewberry range: Notting Hill!

The design is (I believe) called Pristine Poppy in Magenta and I am in love with it.

pristine poppy magenta1

Look at those colours! The Art Nouveau lines of the poppies! The leaves and buds!

I love the elegance of it - although, really, I think I'd either want to make a dress out of this, or wallpaper a dining room in it. Maybe just a little more muted.

For very 'Art Nouveau' lines, the Tulips in Canary hits the spot, too. Almost like feathers!


I've been keeping my nose out of the fabric scene, ever since I realised I have far too much fabric stashed away and that the chances of it being used this year were very low. I even went to the first weekend of the Craft Depot sale (all November, up to 20% off a lot of fabrics - some of them last season) and came out with...nothing!

But this...this could be my Achilles' heel - the thing that drags me back into fabric purchasing...

So, are there any fabric lines you're looking forward to? (If I'm going down, I don't see why I shouldn't take others with me!)

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  1. I just got this in my shop! I've been staring at it all day, its fabulous!! the colors are amazing


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