Friday, November 23, 2012

Instagram Friday: the three week table version

Three weeks worth of instagrams, turned into a table for convenience of viewing...

Kitteh in the study Breakfast at Circa in Parramatta: baked eggs. Delicious! Downpour one moment...
The duck of kitteh love. Creme brulee: Reel cafe, Wahroonga. Saturday morning,  10:30am. 11rows done.
Eternity at lunchtime. 12:30. Rows laid out, ready to sew. I could probably get these done tonight. Quilt progress: up to row 16 sewn. Halfway there!
Pieces of eternity: taking longer than expected. *sigh* Rows 8-19. Eternity quilt. Sew together, then lunch! It sure feels like eternity!
Rows 20 to 30 ready to be sewn together. Eternity quilt: Row by row! Eternity quilt: Saturday night
Eternity quilt: Saturday I don't go on chocolate binges, so much as chocolate-buying binges... Sew the rows! Sew ALL the rows!
Chocolate buying binge! I narrowly escaped with my wallet! Eternity quilt: top done! Eternity quilt: the signature doesn't seem quite big enough...
Lunch. I'm not sure I can finish it all... Mal and me. Smokey and the mermaids...

Hope the Americans are having a great Thanksgiving; and hope everyone else is looking forward to an excellent weekend!

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