Sunday, June 26, 2011

Disappearing Impe... uh-oh...

My plan for the Disappearing Imperials just went out the window...

Did I say this was going to be easy?

I laid out the fabrics, took another look at the fabrics and went, "Disappearing Nine-Patch will never do for this!" So I went looking for quilt inspiration...and found it in the Yukata By Numbers quilt pattern by Diane Weber. (Big Pic of the Quilt)

It's the panel in the Imperial Collction that's the problem - I want to cut it into smaller chunks, but not put it in a 'window style' frame - not so explicitly.

The Yukata By Numbers pattern would allow me to mix and mingle the various fabrics with each other in blocks and patterns, while still retaining the panel display.
But I really really need a simple quilt right now. So, I guess we're going to skip Mum's Imperial quilt and head for the Hourglass Batiks then. How complicated can that get?

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