Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Right, so finally a WIP Wednesday again!

It's a long edition this time. I've had WIPs for the last couple of weeks, just no time to get the pictures taken and up.

I signed up for Don't Call Me Betsy's Kaleidoscope QA and then got no further than picking out the fabrics.

Cutting? Hah! Piecing? Double hah! Finishing blocks? Nuh-uh!

Until today.

I'm way behind - still only at the cutting stage. Hopefully I'll have the corners on by Friday, though.

The Plan and The Pieces!
Kaleidoscope pattern and cut pieces

The pattern paper is thanks to my friend Jenn who sketched me out a kaleidoscope pattern for designing after watching me sketch quilting designs on a paper tablecloth in the restaurant we were having lunch in during our fabric shop crawl the other week - thanks, Jenn!

Jenn is my quilting partner-in-crime; we sat in a cafe today for two hours and did quilt-y things - she was quilting, I was binding. It's nice to have a friend in the locality who you can hang with while quilting!

And another pic, sans Plan:
Kaleidoscope pieces

Still Piecing

The Octarine batik quilt:
Octarine Batiks Layout

Still in pieces, although not laid out right now. Must get to sewing the squares together, then putting it together with a border.

I wonder if I could get away with hand-quilting 'WIZZARD' all over this one... *geeky giggle*

Also still being pieced: the back of the Sanctuary Kaleidoscope.

Yet To Be Quilted
Disappearing Harvest Charms:
Disappearing Harvest Charm

I'm going to baste and quilt this one by hand myself I think, with a really simple design. After I swore I'd never hand-quilt again, too! We'll see how it goes...

To Finish Binding
Meg and Owen's wedding quilt - Bold Batik Boxes - 85% done!
Shaz and Andrew's wedding quilt - Sunshine And Lollipops
Kate and Chris' wedding quilt - Irish Chain

Being Quilted (at Thirroul Custom Quilting)
- The Penny Batik (postage stamp)
- Rail Fence
- Supernova

In The Planning Stages
Tina's scarf
Mum's quilt (RK Imperial collection)
Harvest Mountain Magic quilt (probably for Sue)

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