Thursday, July 28, 2011

WIP Whatever!

Did I mention I liked the colours in this? Because I really really do!

Planning the kaleidoscope QAL borders:
Kaleidoscope - contemplating borders

And the actual borders:
kaleidoscope QAL - laying out the borders

I couldn't match the cream in the kaleidoscope blocks perfectly, but it's fairly close.

The batting is purchased, the back is planned. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to complete it before the 4th. I'd have to sew every day from now until the 4th and I have some deadlines that need seeing to. No cigar.

A pity; I was looking forward to actually completing a quilt from go to whoa without handing it off at any point. It's been a while.

- Chris and Kate's wedding quilt: Forest Chain

other UFOs
- Octarine Batiks
- Batik String cushion covers
- Shaz and Drew's wedding quilt: Sunshine and Lollipops (to be bound)

To Do
- Mum's quilt
- Scrappy Mountain Harvest (those fabrics have been sitting there for forever!

I have a Fabric Friday post for tomorrow - boy, do I ever!

And uh-oh... I just went and looked and the Fat Quarter shop is having an 8-day sale...

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  1. I've missed so many posts :(

    And all of them wee gems, or even big ones, looking at your beautiful bed quilt. Your eye for colour is breathtaking.

    I stand in awe!


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