Saturday, August 20, 2011

51st Post!

So I just went to my dashboard to put this post together and realised that this is my 51st post. Hurrah!

I only started blogging this year to keep up with all the blogs I was trying to read since I'd planned to make 12 quilts this year. I think I'm a bit behind right now, actually - only 7 quilts and we're coming up to September!

So, back to the Gothic Summer Sampler.

Gothic Summer Sampler WIP #1

Does anyone else feel like it needs something else in there? A really strong, viscous purple, perhaps? Or a midnight blue?

Alas for I messed up the Star block. I forgot I had to change colours for the long triangle, and started doing the whites again. (It was even marked 'red' on the templates!)

I figured I'd just keep going anyway.

(ps. Tearing the paper off the pieced blocks is horribubble!)

I'm halfway through the Arkansas Traveller...just printed out the templates for putting my sewn-together diamonds on in fact!


Last night, I was weak and bought about 6 charm packs from Green Fairy Quilts. White, Cream, Black, and Rainbow Kona solids, a Lily & Will II, and a Riley Blake. $7 USD!

Lily and Will II Charm Pack


I've been thinking about HST quilts of late - the Warm/Cool HST QAL, and the Shattered Rainbow Quilt at Quilt Story. Such a simple block and yet so effective!

I'd like to do one with charm squares - actually, I'd like to do one with all-dark charm squares and call it 'the many shades of night'. I got the idea while laying out for the Gothic Summer Sampler - this pic.

Lots of darks, shading gently from absolute black to murky shades of blue and green and red. And possibly a design in there, barely visible to the glancing eye.

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