Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life Contrasts: The Gothic Summer Sampler progress!

Two more blocks done! Fairly simple ones today - mostly HST work while watching Sense and Sensibility (BBC series - Part III: very enjoyable, although I still retain a soft spot for the Emma Thompson 1997 version) and Inception (awesome movie, and one that you can watch several times because it's so wonderfully intricate and layered).

If I stop and think about it, that's quite a contrast in viewing options - like quilting a Summer Sampler in black, red, and white to make it 'Gothic'. Or like playing hockey and going out for a beer with the girls at the pub, but also enjoying coffee and banana bread while quilting in a local cafe.


Like the blacks, reds and whites in the Mosaic block!
Summer Sampler QAL: mosaic

This Flower Garden Path block, however, is neither floral, nor reminiscent of the garden!
Summer Sampler QAL: Flower garden path block

I found the fabric with the bowtie skulls on it at Spotlight (like a JoAnn's Fabric, only Australian) and bought a metre of it. Some of it will almost certainly get used on the backing, because I'm unlikely to use it for anything else! :D

I think that tomorrow will be spent mastering paper piecing and The Star. I won't try more than one block on a day when I'm paper piecing - too complicated!

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