Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Quilt!

Okay, so it's just big enough to fit on a Queen Sized bed, so it's not a little quilt, but it's mine, all mine!

My quilt - on my bed!

I got the design from Karla Alexander's book 'Stack A New Deck' - a very simple but effective 'stack-and-whack'. I picked the batiks because they were beautiful, vibrant colours that really jumped out at me.

IIRC, I picked most of them from a fabric shop in Alexandria, VA while visiting some friends in DC circa 2005, and it took me a couple of years before I did anything with them.

It was computer-design quilted in a tropical/hibiscus pattern by Joanne of Thirroul Custom Quilting, who does awesome work for me every time. And in spite of the fact that it hadn't been finished, it's been in use for the last two years, helping keep me warm in the chilly winters.

And here commenceth the quilt porn!

My quilt

My quilt - folded

Two of my three finished quilts this year!
finished batik quilts

Both batik quilts - I know they're not 'fashionable' or 'modern' but I do hold a particular fondness for batiks. I sure have enough of them in my stash!

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