Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday #16

Thanks to my stepdad, his new Blu-Ray DVD player, and his desire to watch 'The Sound Of Music' on Saturday night while we were over there for dinner...can you guess what song I've got in my head? *points at the number on her WIP Wednesday*

Once again, an exceedingly unproductive week, quilting-wise.

Partly because I bought new bookshelves on which to keep my fabric collection (now how am I going to keep it all free of dust?) and partly because I've been writing like a crazy writing thing.

Don't ask.

Anyway: to start with - a WIP, although not the usual kind!

The Sorting Of The Stash
(Like 'The Taming Of The Shrew' but with less screaming. Possibly.)

new shelving!

I have a question if you're reading this: How do you sort your stash?

Because I tend to sort by type and style of fabric, with some exceptions for precuts. I have several FQSs that I want to keep together (eg. RK Jewels Of The Nile, Riley Blake's Pirates, and Lumiere De Noel by French General), but I also have 'the batik collection' and 'the FQ solids' collection.

And then there's the 'probably backing' collection, which are usually fabrics of which I've bought anywhere between 3-6m thinking they'd be good for backings or borders or...

Help? Organisation isn't my forte. I'm good at planning to be organised, but actually organised? Somewhat beyond me...

Kaleidoscope QAL.

Still doing the backing of the kaleidoscope QAL. I had to tidy it up so I could bring in the new shelves, so I've still got to sew the last section on..

Crooked Summer Sampler (at Freshly Pieced)

First two blocks made!

The West Virginia Star
Summer Sampler QAL: West Virginia Star

I went with the black background, and found this gorgeous scarlet batik with white hearts on it. The cracked wax pattern left on the hearts kind of look like the heart is breaking, doesn't it? Perfect for a gothic quilt!

The Greek Cross
Summer Sampler: Greek Cross

This one, I'm wishing I'd gone with a white cross on a black octagon with red corners. But it still looks pretty stunning, I think.

There's a part of my creative psyche that's scolding me for such pure, saturated colours. 'More movement! More colour!' I don't have any red fabrics with small colours on them yet.

The Colour Of Magic

Also known as 'Octarine Batiks':
Octarine Batiks Layout

Hasn't moved since the last time I posted about it, but I'm going to start piecing it again.

- My quilt. (90% done!)
- S&A's quilt. (Needs binding put together and sewn on.)


  1. How do I sort my stash? Usually sort by theme and/or fabric collection. I love collecting dragonfly fabrics, cat fabrics and music themed fabrics so sort accordingly.
    Then I sort by colour.
    Like you, fabrics bought in large quantities for backing are kept together.
    How about a sheer curtain across your shelf to keep off the dust?
    Loving your Summer Sampler blocks!

  2. I sort my dress fabrics by type (usually weight and fiber), but my quilt fabric by colorway...with the exception of 3m + lengths which fall under the "backings" category and are in their own fat stack! I do it by color so when I decide to make a quilt I can pull a few out, lay them together, and think about them for a few weeks before I decide if it feels right. :)

    (What I really need is a design wall...) :D

  3. I am 16 going on 17! Well I am not 16 but that song is now stuck in my head ;)

  4. Those Summer Sampler blocks are gorgeous, so striking! I love red and black together. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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