Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday #21

I know that Lee isn't doing the WIP link-up this week, but I'm going to post this anyway and see what comes of it. Partly, because the WIP Wednesday comes of age on my blog!

Can you believe I've done 21 weeks of this? (I'm a bit shocked myself.)

To celebrate, there shall be Rainbows Around The World!
WIP: rainbows around the world.

And resurrection from the dead:
(I call it 'frankenbatting'!)

For the purpose of hoisting the colours high!
Cushion Covers

(It was 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' on Monday 19th Sept.)

The cushion covers are to match the Gothic Summer Sampler quilt (see below), and I found this awesome tutorial on how to make quilted pillow covers - practical, good pictures, nice humour, very useful!

If you look reeeeeeallly closely, you might be able to see my free-motion quilting on the blocks. It's wobbly as heck and not exactly the most stylish, but it's not bad for a first try.

And then there's the Gothic Summer Sampler - the top of which was completed this week!

Now, I gotta work out how I'm going to quilt this baby!

I've finally started layout out my palette choices for this quilt, although I still think I'm going to go with the Bloggers Quilt Uber-Fest QAL in October.

And lo, there was much stash digging:
The uncovering of the stash:
hauling out the stash

Looks kinda pitiful when all laid out on the floor there. I'm sure it is pretty pitiful when compared to other people's stashes...

So far Petaled Purples is winning my vote:

Dead Simple QAL: Petaled purples

Although Autumn Leaf might give it a run for its money:

Dead Simple QAL : autumn leaf

The colours don't look right because of my phone camera, which is adjusting bluewards. But they match pretty well in RL, I think.

No progress
- Mum's Impstar
- Kaleidoscope QAL
- Modern Rail Fence Binding
- Postage Stamp Binding
- Supernova Binding


  1. Wow! Love your fabric choices in comparison to your Design Seeds picks! Frankenbatting! LOL! I only just started FMQ as well. I know what you mean about wobbly. But we will practice and it will get better!

    I posted a WIP today too so come visit! (I have a giveaway too!)

    I'm actually using last weeks list from Lee's to hit everyone's blogs this week and see how they're progressing since she didn't post a WIP today. Just hitting the link, then hitting their Home button when I get there so it will update to their latest post.

  2. Hi Sel! Thanks for letting me know you stopped by The Pin Cushion for the tutorial. I'm so honored. It was nice to have you visit. :) Your work is great, I look forward to seeing more lovely quilts from you.


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