Friday, September 2, 2011

Busy Day, Busy People

I've been very busy today!

Started my mum's quilt. I cut the fabric I already had a couple of days ago, and was only going to piece two blocks this morning. Then I figured 'oh why the heck not' and pieced another two blocks!

ImpStar Quartet

I think I'm going to call this this Imperial Stars Quilt. Colloquially known as the 'Impstar' quilt, thereby giving Star Wars nerds a chance to geek out. :)

Actually, that design would be quite awesome if they made Star Wars fabric for quilting... *coughs*

Right. So. Anyway...

Gothic Summer Sampler

Gothic Summer Sampler: Minnesota block

Finally did the Minnesota block. I'm a little disconcerted that at least two of the remaining 3 blocks require paper-piecing. While paper-piecing is rather nifty for fine designs, it's a bit of a mess. Plus, the templates waste so much paper! In fact, I so disliked printing out each template individually that I downloaded a PDF editor so I could copy and remap the templates - why print four templates on four sheets of paper when I could print four templates on two sheets?

And so we have the Gothic Summer Sampler as it stands so far!
Gothic Summer Sampler: 3/4 there!

Not the best photo. I may have to start taking photos with my regular camera again, and not with the phone camera - at least, not at night and in questionable light.

Tomorrow is the Southern Cross Quilters meetup at the local pub. Looking forward to sitting around for a slew of hours, chatting away, and starting the binding on Shaz and Drew's quilt!

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