Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dead Simple QAL - palette choices

Time for colour choices!

The colours in the photos don't exactly match the colours of the cards...I think my camera phone colour-adjusts into the blue range, which means the shades don't match exactly. Plus, it's tricky to compare a backlit graphic on a computer or phone screen with a fabric.

Dead Simple QAL: fallen hues

Dead Simple QAL : autumn leaf

Dead Simple QAL: sunflower brights

Dead Simple QAL: Petaled purples

I know the Dead Simple QAL is supposed to be, well, dead simple, but I'm thinking of doing it in concert with the Bloggers Quilt Uber-Fest QAL that's taking place in the 1st half of October. Because, really, I already did my 'Dead Simple' quilt - The Colour Of Magic. Sure, I could do it again, but I'm still new enough to quilting that I'd like to try different blocks - have a range of styles and materials.

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  1. Great choices! I really like the second pallete, its clean and modern, and has lots of variation in value. Great idea using the palete as a springboard for uberfest, too. :)


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