Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crooked Summer Sampler!

It's done!

Looking back through my blog, I'm rather surprised how fast it was made - just over a month to put together all the blocks, and if I'd just kept piecing from go to whoa, it probably would have been a week.

The blocks are amazing - it was excellent practise for my piecing skills and taught me new stuff at the same time. (Although I taught myself Y-seams. Note to self: avoid assiduously in future.)

It's a good project to undertake when one doesn't have much time - you can cut and make a block in a couple of hours (if you're like me) and then put it aside for whenever you have time for the next one.

crooked summer sampler

I think the sashing gives each block the space to be itself. And, of course, the colour choice makes the reds and creams pop!

I'm definitely going to try this again sometime.

Thank you Lee, Faith, and Kate for this very enjoyable project!


  1. Wow, you're spot-on about teh colours popping, what a compelling quilt - teh more you look, the more you see :)

  2. Me The block on the very bottom, rhs as you look at the photo. Are the triangles strip-pieced or is the fabric stripy? I love the diamondy-type cross as well... um... second row from the bottom and second from the right (and straight onto morning, lol)

    And if I type 'teh' one more time, I WILL scream.


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