Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesdays: the one with SPRING!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

What a week! Crazy writing, crazy working, crazy sewing!

Thank heavens I had a quiet(ish) weekend. For a given value of 'quiet'. :)

Why, hello there, Spring!


I hate winter with a burning, fiery passion. Brr. Who wants to be cold all the time?

Give me temperatures from 26-36C, the cicadas sawing away, the sun, the blue blue sky, and a good book which I can read as I sprawl in a beanbag and drink iced drinks.

And spring is the transition season we're in right now, and my garden is doing little growy things all on its own!

But you're not here to see me gush about the garden.

Sel the Mad Quilter
Sitting in a tree!

First come the finishes...

Stepdad's pillows

Sunday afternoon, I made a push to finish the stepdad's pillow covers and managed one!

Mum's quilt, stepdad's pillow. Finishes for the yay!

The tricksy part was mostly the 'quilting' - and that was because I got ambitious and tried to bite off more than I can chew. Nothing unusual there! I'll be a little more sedate next time.

At any rate, I think I need to do a little quilting practise each week, so I'll add that to my WIP Wednesdays.

There's still one pillow to go - this is the Fans and Flowers pillow, the other one is the Golden Carp one, and I'm going to finish both before I turn them over to the parentals. Yes. Yes, I am!

Then come the WIP...

Stepdad's pillows: Golden Carp pillowslip

Pillow slips for stepdad.

Quilting, backing, and pillowslipping still to be done. I'll try to get this finished done Sunday morning and maybe take it around to the parentals on Sunday afternoon for pics!

Eternity Quilt

Take one mathematical puzzle solution:


Add a range of Kona solids:

Kona colour matching

Mix in some rather finicky organising:

Eternity Pieces

A design board:

Eternity quilt rows 1&2

And one quilter who tries to work these things out because she is possibly insane...

Stir well!

I think it'll be pretty impressive, but it's gonna require the patience of Job to put together. And, um, probably a lot of Kona solids. Like...the whole range - or close to it! I only need a 3.5" x 18" strip of each, too! *wince*

I am seriously contemplating asking if people are willing to swap fabric with me - particularly those who have the Kona solids fabric bundles? Say 6x 3.5"x18" (or 22") strips in exchange for a fat quarter of something in my stash? Does that sound reasonable? I have collections like Terrain and Secret Garden, It's a Hoot, Aviary 2, Heirloom, and, oh, so many others. Or we can just wing it?

Then come the Things On The 'To Do' Ship!

- Terrain Quilt Challenge with Penny Poppleton: possibly to be finished for Material Obsession's "Swap Day" on the 8th December.
- Baby Bag - here on the Moda Bake Shop

And th-th-th-th-that's all folks!

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  1. We must be kindred spirits--I feel the same way about winter. But here in the Northern Hemisphere, that is where we are headed.

    I think your Kona quilt is going to be very, very interesting!

  2. Wow, that mathematical puzzle is going to be amazing! It will def. require the patience of Job. You are very brave. :)

  3. Love your stepdad's pillows, and that puzzle quilt! Whoah!


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