Friday, October 19, 2012

Instagram Friday!

This one is going to need some explanation in parts...

Okay, so, kitteh need no explanation. They just is cute. (If cuteness was an Olympic sport, my kittehs would win gold every time, I swear...)

More kitteh!

Some testing of collage makers for the HTC Android while at the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild sew-in at City Extra. (Every second Thursday - next one is Thursday 25th October - if you're a Sydneysider, we'd love to see you there!)

Testing a collage maker!
Finding new templates while handsewing.

The Eternity quilt, laid out, up close, and in piles. I did the calculations (I shouldn't have): there are 1672 pieces lying there. 1672. And now I'm skeered.

Oh Lordy! 209 colours laid out and marked. Phew! Now to prep for sewing in rows...
Eternity quilt:organised be sewn next week!

I went off down to Melbourne for the weekend by train and plane! Train to the airport, plane down to Melbourne.

The next train to arrive on platform number six goes to... #cityrail

In Melbourne, Saturday morning at GJs Fabrics out in Brunswick. After five years visiting Melbourne once a year, I've learned how to use the tram system in Melbourne! (The phone apps available are amazeballs. I'm just saying!)

Mmm.  Fabric.

Confession: I'm a geek. I love conventions where people get dressed up. I've even gotten dressed up for a convention myself - DragonCon 2009, I went as a Number Eight Cylon (the "Sharon" model) in a Number Six Cylon red dress. Made the dress myself - it wasn't the best and I've always intended to redo it for a future con, but never gotten around to it. I love costuming and always have, and so going to these conventions and seeing the costumes is a great kick!

No, not everyone dresses up as Star Trek and Klingons!

They dress up as Disney!

I always forget how much I love conventions until I'm back there again!
Mulan! (Be a man!)

Or Lord of the Rings!

Boromir from Lord Of The Rings
Yes, that is Indiana Jones to the left. I didn't get a photo.

Or Pirates of the Caribbean!

Captain Jack Sparrow!
I'm pretty sure that isn't actually Johnny Depp. Almost.


Who ya gonna call?

Historical costuming!

Cromwellian (?) soldier


Steampunk is a big thing.

Iron Man!

Iron Man
A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Hotel...I caught a matched set of Avengers (plus Loki, plus USO girls) playing frisbee with Captain America's shield. Unfortunately, I could only get a video, and I still haven't worked out how to post those. But, just as an example, this is the kind of hilarity that happens at these conventions!


Pikachu! (Bless you!)

And yes, some Star Wars. (Different to Star Trek. If you have to ask how, just accept that you're not a geek and we'll leave it at that.)

These are not the droids you're looking for.

And Dr Who.

Weeping angel!
For the Whovians reading this, my t-shirt says "KEEP CALM AND DON'T BLINK". I basically saw this girl dressed up as one of the Angels and went, "Uh, hi, I'm sorry, but I really need to have my photo taken with you!" Sometimes I just can't help myself...

And back to the fabric-related Instagrams! (All the non-geeky people breathe a sigh of relief...)

While down Melbourne-way, I went to visit a friend in Ballarat, and went to a couple of quilt shops there - specifically the Eureka Patchwork shop in Ballarat (although I also visited Ballarat Patchwork, I didn't take a photo).

Eureka Patchwork Ballarat

And that's my week in Instagrams!


  1. Love the angel picture! Yes, I'm a geek too.

  2. Another Whovian quilter! Have you seen the amazing paper-pieced TARDIS pattern at fandom in stitches? I had my husband blow it up to 18" and I'm planning an entire Doctor Who quilt! So fun to find another quilt who is a geeky as I am! Love your photos!


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