Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday: the one with stars in her hands!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

What a week! I went away for the weekend and got so much stuff done! Mostly handsewing, although quite a bit of cutting, too. There was lots of food and conversations and activities and devotions. It was lots of fun, even if it was exhausting being an introvert in the middle of a bunch of extroverts!

My quilt on a bench
The verandah of the holiday house we were staying in.

Marshmallow fluff
I found these in a shop by the waterfront, and bought several for Penny Poppleton who's a US expat and can't find this stuff here!

Here's looking at you, kid!

Luckily my next trip (down to Ballarat this coming weekend for a few days) features staying at home with a friend who is also an introvert and so understands that Sel needs time to sit apart and write and let her brain breathe. And there shall almost certainly be a few quilty things – namely Ballarat Patchwork, and hopefully another shop that I haven't visited before called Eureka Patchwork!


Eternity Quilt

Man, has this taken off!

I started with fabric by the busload:

Eternity fabrics: I must be crazy.

Sorted it into piles and began cutting:

Eternity quilt: fabric progress -cut and uncut.

Still going! Still-to-cut, cut strips, selvedges, and already-cut piles...

Eternity quilt: A cacophony of colour!

Then, on the weekend away, I took the greens, browns, and creams with me to cut up...and did it all in about an hour!

Greens and browns and creams.

I wish I'd taken more of them along! I could have gotten all this done over the weekend!

Eternity quilt: pieces

So now they're cut, they need to be sorted. This was easier when they came in colour bundles...

Laid out

Bad photography, so sorry! I need to stop taking photos in less-than-complete daylight. *grimace*

The problem is partly that I work a full-time job from 7am to about 4:30pm, which means my daylight hours are slim - although now that Australia is heading into summer and we've just started on daylight savings time, I should have more light for longer.

Perhaps I'll see if I can get my stepdad to redo the lights in my sewing room so they're brighter? LED downlights, maybe. (Parents with practical skills = excellent.)

Handsewing (Stars In Her Hands)

Apart from cutting out the Eternity Quilt blocks, there was lots of handsewing done on the weekend, too. The people I was away with are the social sort who love sitting around and chatting, which meant I had plenty of time to sew while listening and talking.


And the results from the weekend!

Handsewing stars

I wasn't expecting them to be quite so pretty! I begin to see why people love handsewn quilts... :)

No Movement

Stepdad's pillows: I'm away this weekend (again) and the parentals are away next weekend, but I will have this done for them when they get back! I WILL!

Terrain Challenge: Still in limbo here.

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner: haven't even had a chance to get this laid out and pin-basted. Gonna be kinda tricksy with the Eternity Quilt in the wings!


And now it's over to you! What have you been working on this week? Have you linked up at Freshly Pieced?


  1. Ooh the eternity quilt is going to look so fabulous! That's an impressive amount of cutting you got done too!

  2. wow, the diamonds look terrific! You have a great start so far! Good luck with the rest of it! Keep up the good work!

  3. you have done LOTS of cutting and I am sure your quilt will be fantastic. Visiting from WIP Wednesday linky party!

  4. Love Stars in her Hands! All that gorgeous hand stitching is paying off!

  5. Love your Stars In Her Hands blocks! Hand work is slow, but it sure is worth it.

  6. What fun projects! And your stars are just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Visiting from WIP Wednesday! Wow your diamonds are fantastic! The eternity quilt looks like a lot of work, but it also looks like you've made great progress! I enjoyed reading your blog post!

  8. Eternity quilt seems that will be ready earlier! I am amazed, that you cut so much in just 1 hour!

  9. I am in agreement - that handsewn eternity quilt is going to be a stunner - Well done:)


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