Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one where baby got back

Okay, so it's baby quilts got backings but accuracy was ditched in favour of cool-sounding, catchy WIP Wednesday names...


Baby Quilts

Backings done in soft flannels! Now to find time to quilt them!

Baby got backings

Not sure about this weekend. I've got big quilt quilting to do this weekend...

Scrap Attack: Selvage Strings

Got a few of these done during the week, so I have a small collection now - hopefully to become a larger collection as the weeks go on!

Selvage blocks: slowly growing.

A close-up of the textures. I'm using a lot of Kona solids selvages,which means they have fringed edges, and the result (at least with these blue blocks) is rather akin to the waves of the sea.

Texture close up.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with the rest of the colours!

Gone Nowhere

Diamonds Dancing In Rainbows

I was going to sew the top of this together on Friday night...and then I was exhausted and distracted and couldn't get myself together. ARGH.

To Do

Santorini Sun And Sky

This got accepted into the Sydney Quilt Show 2013, along with the Eternity Quilt, so I'm quilting it this weekend. Angela Walters book on quilt designs has been very helpful, but I'm going to try a pattern of my own inventing and see how that goes. (It may not. It may fail horribly. Eek!)


Quilting on Saturday!

Mendocino Quilt

I have many pieces of this collection, having built them up over the last year or two. Now I'm looking at putting it all together in a quilt with some fabrics from Art Gallery - I think these ones are Pat Bravos. The colour is very very close, and while the designs don't match, they'd provide some nice contrasts and similarities.

Mendocino plans

White background, maybe?

More Mendocino plans

The trick is mostly working out what to do that will allow all the fabrics to shine and minimise wastage!

Right now I am contemplating two patterns from Modern Patchwork: 'Honey' or 'Glam Garlands'. Your thoughts?

Also, if you happen to have any Swimming Sisters (Plum, or Ivory), or Octopi (Blush, Natural, Orange, or Gold), or Seahorses (Orange, Fuchsia or Rust), let me know. I'm happy to swap Mermaids in Gold, Kelp in Blush, or Swimming Sisters in Fuchsia, one-to-one! (Definitions of the colours are here at the Free Spirit fabric page.

And speaking of Mendocino Mermaids, I have a giveaway for Giveaway Week: 2 FQs from the Mendocino Mermaids line. Go here and check it out!

So...what have you been up to this week?


  1. I love the santorini quilt, congratulations on both being accepted into the show! I am sure that your quilting will be awesome! I love your eternity quilt btw :)

  2. Congratulations on having quilts accepted into the quilt show! That's fantastic!

    Love the plan for the Mendocino - so lovely!

  3. I love your Santorini Sun And Sky quilt. It's beautiful, no wonder it got accepted into the quilt show, congratulations!

  4. I love your string blocks and your Santorini quilt is gorgeous! Congratulations!

  5. I love your sun and sky quilt. You do such beautiful work, it's no wonder you've got so many quilts in the show!

  6. congrats on the santorini quilt! When I am thinking of quilting a new design on a very precious quilt such as this one I always take the time to make an extra block to practice the quilting on just in case- I see it as a win win type of situation. Either the quilting will look great, I will already know that and be confident to start on the quilt and I will have a gorgeous extra block that can be a turned into a coordinating pillow- or it turns out badly, and I have saved myself the headache of ripping out stitches on my gorgeous quilt... just a thought :)

  7. Love the blue selvage blocks, so pretty! Congratulations on getting your quilt in the show. Look forward to seeing what the Mendocino turns into.

  8. Congrats on acceptance into the quilt show - I love the Eternity quilt! And the gold and plum fabrics for your new quilt look luscious!


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