Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one with selvage strings!

PSA: It is generally inadvisable to sew through one's finger:

By the pricking of my thumb... Or, rather, the stabbing of it...

That baby went through the nail and out the pad of my thumb. Owwwww!


I finished backings for Santorini Sun And Sky, and HST Harvest. Folded them up and packaged them in recycled packaging that was originally addressed to me. I stuck a label on it with the address of my quilter and posted it off at the post office.

And received the parcel back at my house on Monday when the label fell off.


This time, I've written the address on the package. No labels to fall off this time!


Baby Quilts

One of the babies has been born! A boy, still nameless last we heard. He's going to get the less colourful one (his parents are little more conservative).

And I've decided to back the quilts in flannel. It'll be nice and soft, as well as using up the fabric.

Scrap Attack {String Fever}

I tipped out my box of selvage strings:

Selvage collection 2013. Scrap Attack coming on!

It's a large pile. The ruler is in the back to provide perspective! I've been collecting strings for quite a while now!

Then I started sorting them:

String by color

The pile in the middle is mostly the whites and low-volumes. I'm still deciding how those are going to work. In the meantime...colours!

I put a couple of blocks together last night. I'm not sure if this is the "proper" way to do it, but this is how I'm doing them!

Blue blocks

I have a layout plan, too!

We'll see how it all comes out in the coming weeks. :)

To Do

Diamonds Dancing In Rainbows

I'm going to sew these together. I'M GOING TO SEW THESE TOGETHER.

Maybe on Friday night? I have the Sydney Southern Cross Quilters meeting on Saturday, so having something new for that would be good!


How about you? What have you been doing this week? Have you linked to WIP Wednesday?


  1. Ouch!!!! I saw a babysitter do the same thing to her finger when I was a kid. Hope your thumb is ok.

  2. Must be the day for Anne names! :)

    I've done this very same thing, not once, but at least twice. Hurts like the dickens. Hope your finger heals quickly and without too much pain.

  3. Great minds think alike, I see ;) Loving the selvage, still trying to stop cringing from the needle story!!

  4. I have sewn through the edge of my finger--not near as bad as yours though, ouch! Your blocks look great, it is going to be such a pretty quilt!

  5. Ouch! After having done the same thing myself, I cringe at even the thought... I have a bunch of selvages that I need to use up too...

  6. Love the selvage blocks... but I am now scared of my sewing machine. One of my big fears is sewing through my finger, bleeding all over my quilt and then passing out.

  7. Ow!! Oh, I've done that!! It hurts like the dickens! Oh, I see Anne said the same thing. Well, it's true. :)

  8. ouch...I did that too, boy it stings.


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