Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with exhaustion

Things have been crazy at work and recovering at home, meaning I have no time to put up a WIP Wednesday post.

This is the late late version, and going to be pretty brisk.


Quite a few projects still on the go:

Do You Know Where You're Going To?

I got the arrows sewn together!

2nd April

Given my energy levels lately, this is a BIG THING.

I was going to work on the layout. no time, no energy, no space.

2nd April

Maybe next week?

Mondrian Dreaming

No progress, alas!

The Passacaglia (a.k.a. "Are you freaking insane?")

From Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein.

I photocopied the pieces out of the back of the book, and got them printed out onto some 100gsm paper for paper piecing. Cutting them out was a bit of a bother. And then I discovered that actually sells them pre-cut! *facepalm*

I ordered some of those, too. In the meantime, these are doing fine!

#millefioriquilts #passacaglia, cutting pieces and getting a colour check. Forgot to bring my low volumes, though!

I started this on Saturday, and began sewing bits together while commuting to work on the train. It makes the trip go pretty fast, and I seem to get quite a bit done!

millefiori passacaglia - early april

The low-vol pentagons, and the stars (scarlet pentagons, orange diamonds, and grey points) were all done on the train.

millefiori passacaglia - early april

...I think I have to work at taking pictures in better light. No wonder nobody likes my instagram photos!

To Do

Uh, sleep?

Oh, a new long-term scrap project - Dancing Stars on charcoal, thanks to Amy's Creative Side:

2nd April

Going to be scrappy, and use up this low-volume which turned out not to be quite as nice as I hoped it would be.

Hope your week is going better, and that you're geting plenty done! Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!


  1. Well, I hope you feel better soon! Your progress is wonderful - holy toledo on the itty bitty pieces! I thought my little diamonds were itty, ahh, wrong! Do you glue baste? How the heck do you get the papers out..any tips are helpful as I am at a stopping point with my new WIP - appreciate any help!

  2. Those are some lovely projects! I love the flying geese on grey!


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