Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one where I fail at so many things...

It was the long weekend (a very long weekend for us here in Australia) and I...didn't do as much as I hoped. Or the things I was planning to do.


Do You Know Where You're Going To? (the one with the arrows)

Yeah, nope.

Mondrian's Nine-Patch

One word: UGH.

Millefiori Passacaglia

Still going!

millefiori rosette 2

Rosette 2, half-done. I needed to replace the dark green diamonds between the stars: not enough contrast. They'll end up somewhere else, I think - probably another couple of star centres. I'll do some sewing of this on...Friday. Yes. Friday.

Oh My!

Apparently my watchcry is: when procrastinating on show quilts and trying to destash...why not start a new project?

a picnic? oh my!

And I do love the colours of Sanae's Oh My line: so bright and saturated and bold!

a picnic? oh my!

To Do

The Great Aussie Destash

I, um, acquired someone else's stash on Thursday night. *flinch* It tends more towards traditional fabrics than moderns, which is a bummer, but it's all quilting cotton (even if it's not all the high-end stuff).

Eight garbage bags' worth. EIGHT GARBAGE BAGS.

catherine's stash

I need my head checked. Seriously. Checked.

Anyway, I think this will mostly end up being sold via a FB destash group rather than the #greataussiedestash on Friday, because the Instagram crowd wouldn't be interested in this kind of stuff.

Sometime before Friday, I have to get things into bundles. And weigh them. And work out postage. You know, really? I suck at this destashing business...

Incidentally, I'm seldear over on Instagram, although I'm thinking of setting up a second account for destashes like this. Not that I have many Insta-friends outside of quilty/crafty circles...


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  1. Your Rosette Looks fab. Good luck with your destash selling!

  2. hm-m-m-m- can't you mix & match just a little bit of it into your present stash? (I sold quite a bit of oldish stuff on Trademe, but even now I think, where did that little particular bit go?!?) And I too love the colours of Sanae's Oh My line, Linda

  3. LOL...if your room gets too full; I'll send you my address..hahaha!!
    Love that Rosette and your stash....

  4. Wow that's a lot of fabric! Pieced Quilt backs maybe? Love the Sanae fabric line.

  5. Maybe you can donate to a charity group who does quilting?
    Linked up via WIP Freshly Pieced.

  6. wow I love those vibrant colors as well, so striking! Especially the red :)

    Stopping by from Lee's WIP hop


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