Friday, June 13, 2014

FIFA World Cup (a post that is only marginally about sewing)

So, I have finally made bunting!

It was pretty easy. And I rather like the effect, although it took a bit of working out on how to use the 60degree line on my 24" ruler!

The full story is that my office is decorating for the FIFA World Cup, and we all got assigned a country for our area. We were to decorate our area to represent that country, and bring something for an Opening Ceremony Lunch at 1pm on Friday.

My section is Spain:

I'm quite pleased with the end result: simple and bright and not too cluttered. And the bunting does look nice!

Incidentally, I'm not actually supporting Spain; I'm supporting Australia. Sort of. When I remember that a game is on, and can be bothered waking up early or staying up late. I'm not that invested in the FIFA World Cup - the Hockey World Cup is much more interesting to me - like the women's game between Australia and the USA earlier today. For the record, I think the Hockeyroos deserved to win (they had possession more often than not, and more shots on goal) but damn the Americans gave them a run for their money, especially in the second half!

And those one-on-ones at the end? As both a goalie and a field player, let me tell you that it was stressful watching, but I'd prefer a one-on-one to a penalty shoot-out any day!

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