Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with the World Cup!

It's been a busy week.


Mondrian Dreaming

Top is done!

Mod D9P

Not quite the effect I wanted, but good enough for the 'Modern' section of the Quilt Show. It won't win any prizes, but that's not my point in entering the show. I want to bring clear examples of modern quilting to a show that, previously, has been largely traditional styles, or art quilts.


Millefiori Madness

Still in many many pieces. More to show next week, with pictures. Now that I've finished piecing the two show quilts, I can get back to getting more Rosettes completed.

Still in desperate need of a plan.

Red Letter Day: Class with Camille Roskelley

Full post to come, but here is a snapshot of the class and the blocks we'd done by midafternoon.

Mod D9P

The blurry woman in the pic is Camille herself. She was a sweetheart and very nice - and gave us a really helpful tip on assembling quilt blocks neatly and in order!

More pics can be found on Instagram under the hashtag #redletteraustralia - including my full nine blocks as well as many others' finished quilts.

No Movement

- Friendship Supernova Swap (must start working on: needs to be in the mail by the end of June!)


- bind 'Walkabout'
- mail the NSW Quilt Guild and tell them of the changes in name and quilt size for the show
- six quilt backings for my quilter
- quilt 'Mondrian' - need to book Kim Bradley Creations' machine again!

World Cup Decorations

(This is related to sewing. Just a little. I promise!)

The really big event in my office right now is the World Cup. In an office full of guys (I work in IT) with several Europeans (including various Brits), it was never going to pass us by. So management decided to make a celebration of it - including assigning countries to particular areas, charging them to decorate in the assigned nationality, and having a party on Friday.

The decorations started off relatively small - with just a few enthusiasts:

Red Letter Day #redletteraustralia

Then it got a little bigger when people started getting competitive.

Red Letter Day #redletteraustralia

And by Friday it had seriously escalated:

Red Letter Day #redletteraustralia

This is my section - Spain - we were assigned countries, which is why all the different flags/nationalities:

Red Letter Day #redletteraustralia

On the whole, it was a lot of fun. And yes, those red and yellow pennants above the 'ESPANA' sign were sewn by me!

So, how's your week been?

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  1. I'm so jealous of your quality time with Camille; I'll have to check out your pics on IG. If you have a minute, please share a trick or two of hers -- I'd love to learn from the pros!


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