Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday: the one with finished long-term projects!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Finishes, WIPs, plans, fabric!


Do my long-time readers remember the quilt I named "Go Back To The Mountain, Turn The Quilt Around"? It was so named because it was originally intended to be a backing for the Central Park Boxes quilt, only the quilter thought it would make a nice quilt and so I agreed to turn it into a quilt top?

Go back to the mountain, turn the quilt around...

It has sat on my 'to bind' list for, oh, four months. At least.

I bound it on Saturday afternoon. To give away Saturday night to a childless Uncle and Aunt who were coming around for dinner with the parentals for Father's Day.

However, my Aunt actually preferred this really bright harvest fabric that was backing my Hidden Harvest baby quilt. Oops!

disappearing fall all

So I'm making them a bed runner out of what I have left of it, because all she wanted was the fabric, plain. I might do some piecing on the other side, though. *whistles innocently* I know some people make exquisite wholecloth quilts, I'm just not one of them.

And, uh, I didn't get a pic of the finished quilt. D'oh!

Mum's ImpStar

It's only been waiting for binding since April.

Mum's ImpStar with feline approval.

And now it's done!

Mum's ImpStar finished

Finished last Friday night at the Sydney Modern Quilter's Guild meetup at City Extra.

Photographed at Penny Poppleton's house!

Mum's ImpStar

Along with a raft of quilts and her daughter!

Quilts and small curious children


sewing room

Still trying to work out how to sort the sewing room.


Do I sort fabrics by colour or collection? A mix of both? What about my collection of solids? And the charm squares, jelly rolls, and layer cakes I've purchased separately?

Haberdashery shelf

But it's a really good space for working in!

Stepdad's Father's Day Present

Yeah, I missed the Father's Day deadline. *guilty look*

But we gave him a nice light spring jumper and a garish Hawa'iian print shirt instead! I was quietly hoping to get an "oh no" from my mother at the print shirt, but she just laughed.

Pillow cover the second

This is the layout for pillow #2, which I haven't finished sewing. (Haven't had time.)

Anyway, I've finished the top of one pillow and am pondering whether to make the back a very staid flannel - pretty on one side, comfy on the other.


A little progress on my 60degree diamonds:

Hand sewing

It's kind of painstaking making these! But I guess that's how handsewing works, isn't it?

In The Works

Kate Spain's Terrain Challenge

Penny Poppleton and myself are doing a quilt challenge - finish a quilt top made of Terrain (plus 2 solids) by the end of September.

I have plenty of Terrain!

Now I just have to work out how I'm going to put it all together!

Bee Blocks

Oh, I need to catch up on these. And my Birthday Blocks, for which I am backed up as far back as May. Now that we have sewing space, there's a little more hope!


So that’s me done. Time to go out and Linky Party! (like it's 1999?)


  1. I organize by color since I don't use a single collection in each quilt. I also added a drawer recently for fabric that has a designated use already so I don't use it for something else.

  2. I organize a little crazy. All of my solids are together and then all of my baby fabrics (because I make a ton of baby quilts) are separated by boy and girl and then sometimes by project. My brain works a little different than most people. :) By the way, your quilt looks fabulous!!

  3. Wow!! everything looks fantastic Sel. Your quilting is beautiful

  4. Looking good! I love the "turn your world around" quilt! I also love that song! :)

    I'm sure you already have looked around the internet for sewing room/fabric storage ideas, but if you haven't do! There were a couple link-ups going on this summer regarding sewing spaces! :)


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