Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Plans to prosper and not harm you...

Because I'm drowning in fabric right now, I need to make some plans!

1. A Land Of Summer Skies
This is going to be an Australian flag quilt, using Australian-made shot cottons.

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2. Terrain Challenge with Penny Poppleton.
Any quilt design we like, using Terrain and 2 solids of choice, at least 60" square. Top to be done by start of October, whole quilt to be done by December.

Ooh la la
3. Tula Pink quilt with Ooh La La collection
I borrowed this book off Penny (she's basically my quilt book lending library) and really love the instructions and ideas in it. I'm thinking of doing something based around Beanstalk right now, but that could change.

4. Quilt with Aviary 2 fabrics.
I've had this fabric for far too long. Originally I thought I'd make some messenger bags out of it, but now I'm thinking that a subdued, stylish quilt would be perfect for the more conservative of my friends. :)

Layer cakes
5. Baby Bag for friends.
They've got an about-to-be-newborn on the way, and she really loved the wedding quilt I made for mutual friends. I'm thinking that the Sunkissed Layer Cake would be perfect for this. I've had it lying about for at least a year. And I might make a second one from the Makelife cake... :)

Then there's the design idea I have for this bundle of Cuzco...

There are also several things on my to-do list:
- stepdad's pillows
- all my birthday blocks - both for the Books and Blocks bee, and for my LJ Birthday Blocks challenge (which I'm backed up from May right now)
- le Petit Poulet
- borders for Build Me Up Buttercup (and the Modern French Maze)

⅔ of the year gone, ⅓ to go! Let's see just how much of this I can get done!

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