Friday, April 19, 2013

the "how many quilts do I have to make before..." post

1. Alli

I've known Alli for the better part of 12 years come September. I've stayed with her and her family multiple times, and while I've taken her (and her family) gifts each time, I really need to make her a quilt.

I asked Alli what colours she'd like in a quilt, and she said "blues, whites, and neutrals". She's big on American nationalism so a red, white, & blue quilt was high on my list of probables anyway.

I think a modern design would be good for her, too. I still have that Chain Reaction pattern from Lee of Freshly Pieced - that would work with reds, blues, and whites/neutrals...

2. Sue

Similarly to Alli, I've known Sue for over 10 years now. We've lost touch a little, but I stayed with her a bunch of times in the mid-00s, and I'd really like to gift her with a quilt.

She's older - maybe in her late 50s, and I think something traditional - both pattern and fabric - would be her thing. I'm pretty sure I have a Kansas Winter fat quarter/jelly roll/charm square pack lying around somewhere that would be perfect for her. Rich, old colours for a traditional-pattern quilt.

3. Jo & Amy

More recent friends, with whom I'm hoping to stay in early September this year.

Jo in particular has a great love for Ancient Egypt and ancient belief systems/mythologies. She's one of the most talented and subtle authors I enjoy reading - simple themes, but very deep. (Amazon | Wiki | Goodreads)

Robert Kaufman's Valley of the Kings line would be perfect for her. The only problem is the design - I don't want to cut the big designs up - they're nice in large-size...

She has a daughter who's about 11. I'm thinking an Aneela Hooey 'Little Apples' quilt. I have the fabric and it needs using.

4. Bec & Wes

More ten-plus years friends. I've stayed with them several times, and they're coming to Australia in April next year to go on a Pacific cruise that starts from Sydney. (So I guess I don't have to rush a quilt for them, although it would be nice.)

Plume #fabric collection. Really dramatic.

Bec rather liked the Plume collection when I was displaying it on FB earlier this year, so that might be an option - it would be a very vivid, very opulent quilt. Which might or might not work for them and their decor. I imagine them to be fairly traditional style with some modern twist.


Basically, my plan is to go to the US with my luggage stuffed with quilts...and return with much fabric instead!


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  2. A little inspiration for your Little Apples Quilt - this is what I will be doing with my Little Apples stash this year ...


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