Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with Christmas photos!

Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas/holidays went well and that you weren't haunted by hollow-eyed Santas:

Creepy Santa
I think he's supposed to be wearing sunglasses. But, yeah, really bad art!

Here, have some cute kitteh wearing Christmas ribbons to rinse out your retinas!

Good lord, but my cats are cute. *pets them*

Anyway, my Christmas break was great - two weeks off from work - except for the bit where I'm now back at work and, ugh, it's awful. The horrible thing about holidays - coming back!

Anyway, to top off the horribleness of the week, here's a list of all the things I haven't done these last two weeks:
- sewn together the Sunkissed Town Hall blocks into a top
- finished the baby quilt for the baby shower last Saturday
- made quilts, wall-to-wall for the two weeks I was off work

Ah, the good intentions we have, so easly derailed!

What I actually did instead:

Made A Messenger Bag

For a friend whose 30th involved getting dressed up. No pics of my costume, which was a very simple Melinda May, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, featuring a leather jacket with S.H.I.E.L.D logo patches, a pair of jeans that were way too hot for the weather, and an ordinary work top. :)


I thought the bright colours would suit my friend nicely, and she really liked it, so yay!

Around The World mini-quilt
I was putting this together from the 2 1/2" strips I cut from my Kona solids collection (left over from making the Eternity Quilt) and then realised I don't like the colour scheme very much. So a mini-quilt it's going to stay.

around the world

But that's one more thing off the WIP-tops pile!

around the world

I think I might have to start a WIP 'finished quilts' pile, because these babies are building up...

Heirloom Summer Dress

With summer at its peak, we had a few ridiculous hot and sticky days, and I discovered the joy of a slip-on dress - about twelve years old, lightweight and comfy, Unfortunately, I also realised the dress is nearly falling apart - and a really simple design. So I laid it down on some remnant Joel Dewberry Heirloom voile that I had left over from making another dress back in April/May last year. And then I had to make a lining slip for it, because it was just a little too see through!

heirloom dress!

But it looks pretty good, I think. And I have more voile about the place, as well as some cotton that I always intended to make into a dress of some kind. And although it's not fitted, I think it's pretty much my style - that comfy casual look, not quite so fitted and zippered...

heirloom dress!

Still needs hemming - and possibly a small 'hemband' since I'd like it just a squidge longer. Probably not more than an inch or two, but just down to the tops of my knees would be nice!

heirloom dress!

More will be on the way - it was really much simpler than I expected!

Ate ridiculous amounts of food

I had a good Christmas - three of them, in fact, since my two stepbrothers were neither of them in the country at the same time, and neither on Christmas Day. This meant a lot of meals - dinners mostly - which meant a lot of food.


A lot of food.

Christmas #2

Did I mention the food?

Christmas #3

And now I am about 7kgs heavier than my ideal weight. Mostly around my waist, which makes me feel tubby when I try to get into my work trousers, although I don't look it so much. And I need to get back into the gym habit again soon, because there's one right outside my work and it has lunchtime classes and everything!

Not looking forward to the first few classes, but it will be nice to feel that exercise-endorphin rush again!

Anyway, let me leave the last word to my kittehs:



How's your 2014 going so far? Have you done any sewing these last few weeks? And have you linked up to Freshly Pieced?


  1. Well done on the messenger bag! It looks very professional and fresh! Your ATW quilt is very eye catching and I'm so impressed with your dressmaking skills! Happy 2014!

  2. Your cats are adorable!! I'm working on a scrappy trip along too. Love your mini version.

  3. I like the colors in your Around the World mini quilt. And I love, love, love your messenger bag.

  4. I like the quilt design.
    The dress is cute!
    But oh my, that fruit plate at the bottom.....wish I had that in front of me right now.

  5. Your messenger bag turned out great! I love those rich colors. Your mini quilt almost looks like a pixels. I think it's pretty cool. :) Visiting from Freshly Pieced.

    I am giving away a fat quarter bundle on my blog this week. I would love for you to stop by and enter! Happy New Year!

    Inspiring Creations Giveaway

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  8. Sorry for the deleted posts. Blogger got hung up & reposted duplicates. I feel like I picked up 3kgs off the table this Christmas! I'm heading back to Pilates this afternoon to get back into the routine. Your dress is ADORABLE! Beautiful bag for your friend too. She's very lucky. Great job! :-)


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