Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday: house, health, and other things

So, a little over ten days ago, I broke my right ring finger in a hockey game - field, not ice.

Link to picture - it's not badly broken - just the tip of the finger, and it just looks bruised and swollen.

It's healing, but I haven't been able to do anything while it's healing. I can kind of type, but even that gets tiring when you're used to touch-typing with ten fingers. Hunt and peck is painstakingly slow, even if I'm not doing that much hunting across the keyboard.

So, not much progress on anything: house or sewing. It's a touch frustrating: I'm not used to doing nothing.


I got back two quilts from Joanne's Custom Quilting in Thirroul - Sweetwater Town Hall, and Twisting Diamonds - but haven't yet taken photos of them. It might have to wait a bit, what with the finger - trying to arrange quilts with a broken finger is not either easy or comfortable.

mystery project 1

I bet these arrows are so much easier and more precise when paper pieced! #argh

More to be shown when it's done.

lions and tigers and ibex, oh my!

Sewing (very, very carefully) with clover clips. #lionsandtigersandibex

A compactible shopping bag pattern I was working on before I did the finger. Ground to a halt, of course. *sigh*

To Do

0. wait for finger to heal up, at least to the point where I can use it without pain
1. pack house (hard to pack with a broken, swollen/sensitive finger)
2. get Aussie Handmade Birthday Card out the door with apologies (gift to follow)
3. get Supernova Block Swap out (I made them, I put them in an envelope...and now I can't find the drat thing...)


I don't do inactivity well.

I hope you've been more productive than me! (Not difficult, admittedly.)

Linking up to Lee's post at Freshly Pieced!


  1. Oh I don't do inactivity well either! I feel your pain in more ways than 1 - I hurt my back months ago and it's still not healed. But dreaming about quilts is an activity I suppose!

    Hope your finger heals quickly.

  2. Hope you are on the mend soon. Very tormenting when you have a fun to do list (apart from the packing up house bit!)

  3. I broke that exact same finger when I was about 21. I slammed it into a car door. Went to the Dr. and he splinted it. I went back to work the next day... did everything with my left hand. Slow but doable, no typing. Hope yours feels better soon.

  4. I saw this image on IG and nearly lost my breakfast. At least having a reason not to be quilting gives you a guilt free pass to play in the house and get things set up. Hope you're having fun!


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