Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with remorse

But not fabric remorse! (Not yet, anyway!)

Didn't get much done this weekend because I was at a two day course on Serious Backyard Veggies by Milkwood farms, Australia. Maximising veggie growing through organic techniques. Really good, very intensive, and with me getting over a cold. I came home on Saturday night, had a wash, had dinner, lay down...and woke up at 1am to climb properly into bed for the rest of the night.

Alexandria Community Gardens - at the Milkwood Serious Backyard Vegies course.

I'm in Hobart, Tasmania as I type this, for two days of work at the same time as there's a major conference on, which has filled up the town full of people and left me stranded at the casino hotel.

With this view:

Good morning, Hobart!

I have Friday off and while my quilt shopping will not be as exciting as those of us at QuiltCon, I'm kind of looking forward to it.

hobart fabric shops

Even if the aesthetic in the shops will probably be traditional.


Supernova Friendship

And we are done with the Supernova Friendship blocks! Holy moly. I am, if not the worst swapper ever (I do send my stuff eventually and I stuff bonuses in there) then certainly one of the less timely ones...

WIP Wednesday mid Feb

Moving in the middle of all that did not help my brain at all.

WIP Wednesday mid Feb

Neither does the discovery that I cannot make myself do an analogous colour scheme. Or, I can, but I don't like it.

We picked blue, green, and yellow as our colours - lovely scheme, right? Unfortunately, looking at my blocks, I've realised that my instinctive lean towards a complementary aesthetic hijacked my colour choices. I don't need to point my blocks out to you - you can guess which ones simply based off the colours in them!

WIP Wednesday mid Feb

I think I'll streak the border with reds/purples. Rainbow all the way, baby!


I've started the Technicolor Galaxy, which is an amazing quilt designed by Alyssa Lichner of Pile o' Fabrics.

My colour plan:

Design for the #technicolorgalaxy! Now to make it a reality!

The centre bit is going to be against a black background with really saturated colours that pop, and each subsequent ring will be a little lighter (but not much, at most, I think it might reach shades of Kona Coal.

I'm calling it "Duct Tape (or The Force)" - or, there's a light side (the back), a dark side (the front), and it holds the galaxy together!


Birthday Swaps

Yes, I am horrendously behind. January hasn't received her present yet. (Sorry, Leonie.) I'm just...hung about what to do! Which is ridiculous, and I've sat down several times in the last month to start putting something together and then got distracted and eep and ugh and it'll never be good enough and I really need to get in my brain and whack some of those brainweasels. They do me no good at all.


Have plan. Needs pressing.


I think I have someone who's willing to draft the Snowflake Block into a paper-piecing pattern! If so...woohoo!


I've decided my Tula Pink Mini is going to be with Fox Field.

All I've done for #aussietulapinkswap: drag out the Fox Field and think about it...

And they'll get some Neptune with it. :)

Going Nowhere

- Millefiori Madness
- Swarm

To Do This Week

- birthday swaps! MUST DO THESE.

That's the only thing I'm going to put on here. Because it's the one thing I really need to get my ass moving on.


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