Monday, February 2, 2015

To Do List - February (and January Finishes)

January's goals were:

1. All the quilt backings ever
2. Baby Quilt commission (Black Widow Wee Wander finish post)

1. Yeah, no. Not even one. :(
2. Finished, quilted, handed off. (Not very good, but eh.)

Well, 50% ain't bad, right? And I did finish some other things while I'm at it!

3. Boring Floor Covering (top)

I'm really not liking it. I really might pick it apart and put a decent separator border on it.

Quilting late Jan

4. Patchy Fruit Salad (top)

Something else I'm not really liking and which I might do some modifications for this week. If I have time.

Quilting late Jan

5. Salt Air With A Twist (top)

(Don't mind the cat tail or the discarded cat toy...)

February kickstarters

February's Goals

According to my Must Make List 2015, my goals for Feb are:
1. Swarm quilt
2. Scrap Log Cabin

I think I'm going to change this. My scraps are still in sorting phase and I've discovered other things I want to do with them!

So, the ToDo list for February is currently:
eta (2 hours later): 0. Salt Air Twist: get it backed and quilted (by my quilter Jo @ Thirroul Custom Quilts) for a combined 30th/31st/1st of a couple and their baby on the 7th March. Plus pillowcases.
1. Swarm quilt: I made some good progress on this yesterday at the Sydney Modern Quilt Group super-sew in!
2. Birthday Blocks 2012: All the pieces are cut out for the remaining blocks, and the lines are drawn for sewing it up! It just needs to get sewn.
3. Supernova Friendship Blocks: only two to go!

Two things to finish this month: birthday blocks 2012, and the supernova friendship blocks! We got a plan!

4. Curtains for the house windows: I'm tired of anyone off the street being able to see into our house.

5. And of course, all the quilt backings ever. Again. (Ugh.)

So here it is: all the things I'm gonna do this month! (Yeah, it's a short month, and I have a story of, oh, around 80,000 words to finish before the end of it, but she'll be right, yeah?

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  1. You are going to be busy. Look forward to seeing what you get done.


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