Friday, January 30, 2015

Finish Friday: "Black Widow Wee Wander"

Okay, so this quilt name makes no sense when looking at it from the finished front:

Quilting late Jan

But it's all in the hourglass blocks, which I laid out and sewed together wrong when I first put this together:

Baby quilt

I don't remember much of the other blocks, but I remember the hourglass blocks! Ugh! And, Marvel Cinematic geek that I am, I instantly associate the hourglass blocks with the character of Black Widow, a.k.a Natasha Romanoff, played by ScarJo.


And the back has the Wee Wander night fabric on it, which is possibly the cutest fabric in the history of cute.

Quilting late Jan

Hence the name Black Widow Wee Wander. (Yes, this is how my mind works. No, it's not Earth logic. Shush. It's my brain and I have to live with it.)

The quilting is straight line and very light. I probably should have done it more detailed, but my machine was acting up and I didn't want to risk screwing the whole thing up.

It's a baby quilt comission for a lady I know from hockey, who asked me to do a commission. I don't usually do commissions because, well, they're pricey to make and not worth my time. I wouldn't do them for a living, for instance (but I sincerely admire those who do), but I'm happy to do quilt commissions for friends.

Black Widow Wee Wander
pieced, quilted, and bound on domestic machine (Brother NS-50)
size: 60" x 60"

Quilting late Jan


I'm going to try to document my finishes this year, instead of just squirrelling them off somewhere into the dark black ether of Completion.

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