Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one where we start kicking quilt ass

Getting back into the swing of the year!


Baby Quilt

Top done.

Baby quilt

Back picked out.

WIP Wednesday

Basting and quilting on Friday night when I'm free. (Theoretically free, anyway.)

Birthday Blocks

From a birthday block swap back in...2012? 2013? I participated for two years, but didn't really enjoy it - no socialisation at all, very little squee, a most pitiful business! (Well, no, the ladies participating were lovely, just not...sociable. If I am relegated to making something for a schedule, I'd at least like it to be for someone I have the chance to like, you know? Which means interaction.)

WIP Wednesday

I have ten blocks, mostly in solids or reads-as-solids.

At this point, I'm adding six more for a four-by-four quilt, and shading it from yellow at the top left, to green at the bottom right. I don't know if it will work all that well - too much solid, perhaps?

Maybe I'll see when I get the blocks done, and lay them out - it might very well be that I'll decide I need to replace several on the front with new blocks, and shift the unused front ones to the back.


To Do

Curtains for house!

Start going through the scraps for pieces, and decide if I'm going to do a basic chequerboard, or if I wants to get trickssy. (My preciouss, oh yess!)

I was going to invite people over for an Australia Day BBQ. Right now...not looking like such a great idea. *sigh* Maybe I'll just have a birthday party next year?

Start prepping for #igrainbowmini and #igminioz


...and work out that foundation paper piecing pattern. Ugh.

(Does anyone have a rec for how they make foundation paper piecing? My current option is to draft with pencil and paper, but that seems...messy.)


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  1. Your birthday blocks are fun! I think it'll be great with your 6 additional blocks. You could totally do something like this on a miniature scale for the IG Rainbow Swap.


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