Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Finish-Along: Q1

I assume this means from January through March?

So. My "Must Make" list from January through March, of things that I've already started:

1. 7 dwarves for 7 other dwarves... Er. 9 quilt backings for 9 quilt tops.

Actually, there are nine showed here, but there are two more hanging up as curtains on our still curtainless windows....

Needs moar backings!

...can I count each of the quilt backings as a single finish? Can I? Can I?

2. Baby Quilt

Have top done. Need backing.

Baby quilt

This one is a 'complete quilt finish'.

3. Swarm

Was going to be a quilt pattern. But I suck at measurementing. (Yes, that is a word. It is totally a word. It is. Honest.)


This is a 'quilt top only' finish.

4. Valley of the Kings

Very un-modern. Bad modern quilter! No bikkit!

Valley of the Kings

I don't know if I like this one anymore. I'm not sure the recip will either. *scowly face*

'Quilt top only' finish.

5. Curtains


One set made, four more to go! The linen for the curtains arrived this week, though, so now it's just a question of fabric and pattern.

6. Birthday Blocks 201...2?

WIP Wednesday

Need to make an extra 6 blocks to finish the top. Now the question: random colours, or colour shift?

'Quilt top and backing' finish.


Linking up to the party hosted by Adrienne at On The Windy Side.

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