Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with overdue projects

This week could very well be called The Race To Finish Overdue Things.


Commissioned Baby Quilt

Still doing this: should have gotten more done over the weekend and last night

Quilting Mid-Jan

I tried taping it to the wooden floor for pin basting, but I don't think I'll be doing that again - scooping up the backing leaves little scrapes on the varnish.

Quilting Mid-Jan

Quilting Mid-Jan

I'm going to quilt it tonight, probably in straight line quilting (maybe boxy squares) because that's easiest given my complete lack of FMQ voodoo on my domestic machine without a stitch regulator. I'm going to miss out on a friend's barbecue because of this! The baby's supposed to come home tomorrow!

Supernova Friendship Block

Painfully behind on these - although my partner, Sandra, sent me the last two. I think I still owe her three. *facepalm* So sorry about that, Sandra!

Quilting Mid-Jan

Finished one more, though!

Quilting Mid-Jan

I think I worked out how to mostly get the corners lined up. I'll have to make some which don't have dark blue corners so there's a bit of contrast here and there when the blocks are joined together.

Oh, Crumbs!

Starting to sew scraps together for colour blocks. I'm going to do massive big scrap blocks, then cut them down accordingly, or fill them in with white for some interesting results.

Quilting Mid-Jan

Made with the assistance of Penny Poppleton's scrap bags!

To Do

1. Curtains for house
- the linen for the curtains arrived last week!
- the pencil-pleat tape arrived last week!
- Amy Butler charm Square swap bits could do for this...

2. Backings for quilts
- Darling Violetta - purple and gold
- French Farmhouse - yellow bees
- USA Hurray -
- Gothic Summer Sampler - black child-drawing animals (sun, moon, and shining stars?)

3. Swarm
- calculations: I need at least 240 more small pieces, and 140 large ones
- conclusion: GET TO IT!

4. #igrainbowmini
- snowflake mini

5. #igminioz
- teeny-tiny interwoven?

Ugh, so much to do, so little energy with which to do it!


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  1. I have slipped my cutting mat under a quilt when basting to keep from snagging the carpet. I had to scoot it around a bit to do the whole thing as it was a lap size but it worked well. It might work to save your floors.

  2. Wonderful projects. Love the friendship block.


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