Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Must Make List for 2015

Inspired by GnomeAngel's Must Make List of 2015! Because if you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time!

So here's aiming high. I'd like to make at least one regular-sized quilt per month, and at least three scrap quilts during the year. I want backings for all my current quilt tops so I can at least get them quilted and made up. And I want to clear all my ongoing WIPs from the board.

We may succeed, we may fail. Either way, at least with a plan, I have a hope of getting things done. Maybe. :)

Forthwith, the program for 2015.

All the quilt backings ever:

Needs moar backings!

Theoretically, these should not be difficult.

Theoretically. *sigh*

Baby Quilt Commission
A friend has commissioned me to make a baby quilt for a friend of hers. It'll just be basic squares, and I might try some fancy FMQ patterns on my domestic machine.
Greens and white. The baby room is cool as a cucumber green with white furniture. I'll send you a pick tomorrow. I would like the quilt to match the room but still stand out. Solid colour patches. Although a single repeated pattern patch throughout looks cool.

I've been planning and planning and planning to get this done (complete with pattern) for the Make Modern Magazine, but first there was Work Project Of Doom, then there was The Renovations, then Moving House, and finally Christmas.

I'll try to finish it at the Sydney Modern Quilt Group's sewing day on 8th Feb!

Scrap Quilt: Log Cabin
I think I'm going to go with a basic scrappy log cabin. I have a bunch of 'black and white' 2.5" squares that were gifted to me which will be perfect for the centres, and I can work colours in around them - hopefully colour and value combinations that will look good! I may have to cut a few more 1.5" and 2" strips from the stash, though!

Rainbow Mini Swap #rainbowminiswap
This mini swap must be mailed off by the 30th March, so this needs doing!

Instagram Mini Swap Oz #igminioz
This mini swap must be mailed off by 10th April, so the sooner the better! (I have a solid idea for this, I just have to get it done. IRON THE HSTs, SEL! DOOO EEET!!!)

One or both of mini swaps will be made with scraps. But they will be beautiful, I promise!

Valley of the Kings
A gift for a friend that is a couple of years late. *sigh*

Red Letter Day
I need to make another Red Letter Day quilt - to match King Of Bling:

Sister B2 wants King Of Bling, and if I'm going to gift one, I might as well gift both! I'll do it with the dark background again, but different focus fabrics. A little more class-y, a little less bling-y, though!

The last time I gave my sisters quilts was for their 21st birthday...and they received the quilts when they were 28! This time, I shall be a little faster with the quilting. Really.

The Sydney Modern Quilt Group's sewing day on the first Sunday in April should be ideal for this!

Rainbow Snowflakes Quilt
Something I started putting together back in September/October last year and which I haven't finished. The prospect of Y-seams is terrifying me!

Stash and snowflakes

Imagine Greater
This is "the Heather Ross quilt" that I've had in mind for a while - kind of a scrap quilt, only the 'scraps' are my Heather Ross Mendocino leftovers from the mermaids quilt I made. This one will probably be in a log cabin style - a center block with a fantasy creature in the middle, and then strips around and around and around.

Magic Stars
Aneela Hoey's Magic Stars pattern in Kate Spains Cuzco collection. Perfection.

Starry Starry Night


Foundation Paper Piecing Stars. Advantage: the next range of C+S solids should be out, and hopefully the dark blue matches with the backgrounds of the other paper-pieced stars.

Although I still have to work out how to get the star 'angles' with a decent contrast.

Another Camille Roskelley quilt that I have the layer cake all cut and ready to go, but not actually done.

Let's just make this the Camille Roskelley section of the year, shall we? Like 'Swell', I have some layer cakes that I cut up for this pattern a while back and haven't done anything more.

So let's do this thing!

Scrap Quilt: Rainbow Selvages
This one:

Selvage blocks: slowly growing.

I have a lot of coloured selvages already gathered and bagged, but I need to add a whole heap more from the current scrap sorting. And actually do this thing.

Scrap Quilt: Oh, Crumbs!
All year, I'll have been sewing together "crumbs" of fabric in colour blocks. And now comes the time to put them together in a single quilt!

classic batik log cabin
I have ridiculous amounts of batiks lying around. Like the 'crumbs' blocks, I should have been sewing these between projects all year.


The projects that will be worked on all year long.

Aussie Handmade Birthday Club
I signed up for this in July last year, and have some lovely lovely presents from the women of AHBC Party #3. It's a good opportunity to stretch my sewing skills to accessories and suchlike - I've mostly made bags and zippered pouches so far. We'll see if anything more complicated comes along.

Aviatrix Medallion
Penny Poppleton would like me to get mine done by the time the 2015 Sydney Quilt Show rolls around. I'm kinda doubtful that I'll have the time to do so, but...we'll see.

Millefiori Madness: Passacaglia
I need to get back on this again. Cutting pieces and bagging them so the pieces for each rosette are all stored together.

#epicmillefioriquilt Reminding myself where the pieces go.

Dancing Stars
From a foundation paper piecing pattern - I forget by whom, but there's no shortage of scraps for this. Right? Right?

2nd April

Quilt Uberfest 2012
I started this, realised I don't like the blocks themselves, and stopped. But I still have the blocks and they need to be put together. And they need a bit of contrast colour in there - too much red and purple, needs a pop of yellow and maybe some grey.

quilt uberfest: blocks 2

Various Scrap Quilts
All year, I plan to sew scrap quilts together - easy designs and ideas:
- Interwoven (Crazy For Scraps: Sally Schneider)
- Monkey Business (Scrap-Basket Surprises: Kim Bracket)
- Lava Flow (Successful Scrap Quilts: Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe)
- The Dead Simple quilt
- Modern Dis9Patch

But the first thing is to get my quilt backings done and my quilts out of the way!

2015, here we come!


  1. Wow Sel...that's a LIST!!! Oh & BTW...SYDMQG first Sunday meeting will be the 1st Feb (not 8th)...hope that doesn't freak you out!

  2. You have an incredible list. I look forward to seeing all you accomplish in 2015.

  3. Holy guacamole! That's some list. I'm inspired, impressed and in awe. You can totally rock it! Can't wait to see all these come together. (Love the new blog look too!)


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