Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with progress!

I haven't done one of these for a couple of weeks. Life just seems too busy. And too cold.

(Hint: I'm not a fan of winter.)

But I did get four quilt backings put together and sent off to my quilter. It made a mighty package:

Four quilts headed for the quilter. Mostly older ones that are finally going to get done. #gettingitdone

And I signed up for the Lizzy House Meadow Quilt workshop later this year:

Now I just have to hope all my details are correct. I did it on my phone as the train pulled into my home station...  😀

However, I have gotten a few things started, and a number of projects are in WIP status right now, waiting to be finished.


Soroptimists Raffle Quilt

My mother retired a couple of years ago, spent a year poking about, working out what kind of clubs she would join in her old age, and decided on the local chapter of Soroptimists International: an international volunteer organisation that helps women and girls all over the world in various ways.

She's asked me to make a quilt for them to raffle off for fundraising.

Today's project! #showmethemoda

I've had this layer cake of Domestic Bliss for a couple of years now, and when paired with Kona White in a Camille Roskelley pattern, it makes a pretty, modern quilt that should interest enough people to buy a raffle ticket or a dozen!

Ahhh, Domestic Bliss fabric and Camille Roskelley pattern all good! #showmethemoda

I better put a costing sheet together for this quilt, because I anticipate lots of women asking, "How much do you charge to make a quilt?" and then being doubtful about my pricing.

You know the type I mean.

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Still going - another rosette completed!

#saturdaynightsewing #saturdaynightcraftalong #tobleronecocktail  #plainjanepassacaglia #millefioriquilt #lapassacagliaquilt #latergram

The cocktail is because it was completed at my hockey trivia night down at the RSL Club (RSL = Retired Soldier's League - the club is like a pub/sports bar/bistro combination, all under one roof). I sat at the table all night, with my hands busy while I chatted and answered trivia questions!

My hockey team-mates are accustomed to my sewing peccadiloes. (I made one of the coaches a quilt a couple of years back - she'd coached me for two or three years at that point - although it was a gift to her from the whole team, we collected money for it and they paid me.)

Hexie Flowers Down Under

Bendigo Lioness has started a Hexie Flowers Swap for Australian sewists, and I've decided to join in. (Passacaglia notwithstanding.)

We've been divided into 'thread basters' and 'glue basters'. I listed myself as 'didn't mind either way' and got sorted into the 'thread basters' group. I take it lots of people like the ease of glue basting, then. (I do: all those teeny tiny star points in the Passacaglia? Totally glue basted. But I thread-baste the larger pieces.)

There are 18 people in the thread-basters group, and a week later, some have already finished all their hexies!

@bendigolioness #hexiedownunder C+S and Kate Spain okay?

I think I'm going to be taking just a wee smidge longer than that...

Other things

Okay, so you know when you keep putting something off because you're scared of it and then it just becomes overwhelming?

That's kind of where I've decided my Birthday Swaps have gone. I'm three months behind and struggling to get on top of it all.

All I want to do is snuggle down under a quilt with my cats.

When #cats feel you need a warm lap... #catsofinstagram

Well, me under the quilt, the cats on top of the quilt and me...



What have you been working on this week?

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  1. Love the look of your raffle quilt.
    And yes I know the ladies you speak of. "How much? How Long?" The ones who think the fairies gift you the fabric and that you can stop time while you quilt. Good luck

  2. You are busy!! Love your roset, hexies and quilt design. Hope it sells a lot of tickets.

  3. Well done for snagging a place in the Lizzy House class. Something to think about while snuggling under a quilt, since I hear a polar vortex has hit your side of the ditch.

  4. Oooo, that charity quilt is going to be gorgeous, yes, I would definitely get a price ready!
    I've recently become a glue baster, so much quicker and easier, I love the thought of hand sewing and cocktails 😀

  5. I hope to complete a Passacaglia quilt someday. So many ideas, so many projects, not enough time!

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