Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015 Finish Along - Q2 failings

So, I feel like Q2 failed miserably. MISERABLY.

Partly because I did my calf muscle in while playing hockey, which meant I had to drop out of the Sydney Quilt Show entirely *sadface* and partly because I am a crazy overachiever.

Although I guess I can add "my calf muscle" to the list of Things I Did in Q2?

Swarm - top done, backing done, off to quilter for pantoquilting (since it's not going in the show, I decided against quilting it myself)

WIP Wednesday: sprint for the show

Snowflakes - top done, backing done, going to quilt this one myself, have to find time.

WIP Wednesday: sprint for the show

Tula Pink Mini Swap - done!

Tula Pink swap

With a close-up on the octopus 'cos she's so damn cute!

Tula Pink swap

1920s dress - done and worn!

Yes. I suck at photoshoots, but the dress is done! Although I think the hem needs shortening... #montecarlodress #fridaynightsewin #dressmaking

Next job on that is to do some beadwork across the bodice...

quilt backings

Four (4) quilt backings made and sent to the quilter!

Four quilts headed for the quilter. Mostly older ones that are finally going to get done. #gettingitdone>


(And then they'll all come back and I'll have to bind them. *eeps*)

In Conclusion

Not as much as I wanted done (when is it ever) but still a decent amount.

Up for Q3!

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