Monday, August 10, 2015

Agent of SHIELD dress for DragonCon

The brief:
Agent of SHIELD dress: halterneck, close-fitting bodice with waistband and flared skirt to be worn with petticoats. Black/dark-grey silk with gunmetal/silver overdress/lace edging, and embroidered/beaded/appliqued SHIELD logo to either be on skirt or else as a back cutout (underarm zipper), with HYDRA-themed underskirt.

The pattern:

Butterick 6404 classic

The result:

SHIELD dress

SHIELD dress

A better indication of the colour is in this pic; I think I had the white balance set to 'incandescent light' while photographing in daylight.

SHIELD dress

There was some awkwardness with the waist: I have a size 10 bust and hips, and - at my current weight - a size 12 waist. By the time I realised this, I'd already sewn and interfaced the front and back with iron-on interfacing, so realigning the seams was awkward.

As it is, I'm going to have to lose a bit around the waist (the waist isn't difficult for me, it's the belly pouch that lingers):

SHIELD dress

Note to self; in future, make a muslin first...

The beading I can do in Vietnam - it's mostly just an outline of the logo - a little painstaking, but not impossible. And the HYDRA-themed underskirt is probably out.

If I had time this week (haha) I'd make a Maria Hill "Age of Ultron" dress - one of the business suits she's shown wearing in the various scenes. Considering I have dinners with friends tonight and tomorrow, bible study on Wednesday, a remedial massage on Thursday, and will be packing on Friday to leave early Saturday am... I don't really have time between work and sleep and doing all those last minute travel things.


  1. Wow! It looks amazing. I'm envious of your cloth sewing skills. I can't wait to see it with the beading. Happy travels!

  2. That is a beautiful dress! Is it possible to add two V's of fabric in the back at the seams to expand the waist a wee bit? If you do not love the look you could add some beading on the inserts that would match what you have planned. I am looking forward to seeing it after you have beaded it! I LOVE the fabric!


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