Wednesday, April 20, 2011

an actual WIP Wednesday!!

Mostly pics this week:

The Supernova Quilt - 9 blocks!
supernova - 9 block layout format

Since I'm doing a 4x4 layout, there's another 7 blocks still to be pieced together. Luckily, I have all Friday off, and plan to make some serious inroads then.

Two more of the blocks:
two more supernova blocks

I went through The Fat Quarter Shop today and picked out all the fat quarter bundles I wanted to buy, just to see how much they'd cost all together. Final total? $500+

I didn't. But it was a close call there for a few moments...


  1. LOL I am sure my FQ bundles wish list would come out to more than that! Your blocks are looking great!

  2. I bet $500 wouldn't even begin to cover everything I want to buy. : ) I love your Supernova blocks! You ARE making a lot of them, I'm impressed! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  3. yeah I know $500 for fabric, me too it would take at least that much but then again I have so much I need to sew up too. Your blocks look great.

  4. 500.. I do that sometimes. add things to the cart to see how much.. YIKES. if only I could win a lottery.very nice supernova!


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