Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bits and stuff and pieces

1. Have started sewing together the octagons of the Sanctuary Kaleidoscope. It's looking pretty good. Design photo will go up on WIP Wednesday.

2. Am working on a couple of quilted potholders as a gift. It's new territory for me, so I don't know how that's going to go in the end! I should really try making one of those extremely neat tote bags that people are always putting out patterns for.

3. A friend got married on the weekend and I'm going to see if she wants a quilt for her wedding gift. Or if she wants one of the quilts I've already made.

4. Last night, I just realised how much material I really have in my stash when I went looking for a plain backing for the quilted potholders. And winced.

5. Still haven't pieced any more sub-units of the supernova. Maybe a couple tonight?

6. Will get WIP Wednesday in on time this time!

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