Thursday, April 14, 2011

WIP weekly!

Right, so we have a lot of projects in place right now.

Supernova Quilt Along

Still putting together the supernova blocks - there simply hasn't been time to do them before this.

supernova - four finished blocks!
It's a little pedestrian compared with the other supernova quilts featured on the Flickr photostream, but the stark colours work for me.

I've decided I like the monocolour ones best - the blue and the pink blocks. The contrasting colours isn't bad but...the contrast is a little stark, without enough gradation for my tastes.

Using the different white fabrics worked very well - good decision, there!

The corners may not match up as precisely as a master-quilter would have them match, but they're adequate to my amateur sewing skills!

Sanctuary Kaleidoscope

Sanctuary Kaleidoscope - layout finalised!
I've only managed to sew together the octagons of the bottom row, and I'm making my way up the quilt. The hole in the 2nd-last row is where I've collected the wedges to sew together. I really like this design (even if the sewing is painstaking!) and I hope that the recipient does, too! *gnaws nails*


Okay, so this is just a small scrappy project that I was hoping to do for a gift swap. However, the gift swap is supposed to be in the hands of the recipient on the 20th and...I'm not sure I'm going to make it. :/

potholder attempts
They're supposed to be potholders, although I don't like the one with the white and coloured blocks interleaved.

The paper pattern was the pattern I was hoping to quilt it with using my brand new quilting food. Within about ten minutes, I realised I was hopelessly outclassed, and instead found myself giving up and just unpicking all the work I'd done on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, I ended up quilting the potholders with the coloured stripes with a simple stitch-in-the-ditch along the white bars, and a swirly 'bumblebee trail' pattern over the coloured bars. I gave up on the quilting food and just ended up using my usual sewing foot and doing wide turns - sometimes with rather odd-length stitches!

They're not masterpieces of handiwork, alas, but I shall consider them on my learning curve. A new skill to master in small before I even think of trying to work with a full-size quilt!

Does anyone have any recommendations for sites that help beginners on quilting with a quilting foot. The simpler the better!

plans for this weekend

1. Finish putting together the Supernova blocks. All of them. PIECE ALL THE THINGS!
2. Get through another two rows of the Sanctuary Kaleidoscope blocks.
3. Finish the binding on the quilt for Suds and Vern because it is WAY WAY OVERDUE:
Sud's quilt


  1. Beautiful stuff here! Your Supernova blocks are looking great - I agree, the different whites are very cool!

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  2. I think your Supernova blocks are looking great! I like the monochrom. ones too.


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