Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

1. Sanctuary Kaleidoscope

Just before I left - the very day I left, in fact - I sewed up the last octagons for the Sanctuary Kaleidoscope and took a photo which I never had the opportunity to post.

Sanctuary quilt - laid out

I was pretty pleased with it.

Then I had to pack everything up and put it away so my sisters wouldn't mess it up while I was in Europe.

Now that I'm back, priority #1 is to get this baby finished.

Now that I have the quares blocked it, it's easier to see the finished product:

Sanctuary quilt with corners filled in

Excuse the blurriness. I took it on my camera phone which isn't an iPhone and so the pic didn't turn out too well. Apparently I have three cameras and not a single battery charger between them. Go figure...

I wish I'd put another 'circle' in the top right corner of the quilt to balance things out, but...I didn't. And it's a little late now to be adjusting.

It's busier than I like, but pretty striking, I think. Next time I make a kaleidoscope, I don't think I'll use such bright, patterned fabrics.


2. Supernova Quilt Along

I wasn't able to get my Supernova Quilt done for the quilt-along, but I did get the top finished!

Supernova Top - Finished!

I offered it to the stepbrother for his upcoming wedding in Jan, and he didn't mind it but wasn't sold on it. He and his fiancee think I should surprise them...


3. Other WIPs
- 3 quilts
- 2 table runners

Binding is clearly my nemesis...

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